My name is Jason Markow, but I go by TEKSTartist online. I make art with words and I'm stoked to see you here. Gary and the rest of the VaynerNation have given me so much over the years I thought it was time to give something back. If you don't care about the back stroy and just want to snag one of the prints click here to browse the collection now. 

The  Backstory

Still here? Rock on. Here's the deal-  

  • 2009: I happened to pick up a copy of Crush It! the day before I was laid off back in 2009. It helped carve the path that led me to 
  •  2011: GV helps kick off the first TEKSTartist project where a piece a day is 
  •  was one of the primary factors that led to me  I liked the book so much I carved the title into a pumpkin and posted the pic. The man himself dropped it on his site. I thought "damn... this dude really DOES interact with his community."

Fast forward 1 year. At SXSW, I decide to quit my job and pursue a career as an artist. With a few friends an idea is born to make and sell a different piece every day of 2012. Watching Gary's tweet's like a hawk I manage to track him down and pitch the site to him. 

Gary has supported TEKST since day one. In 2012 he helped spread the word about my first "Piece a day" project, 


Hello VaynerNation! TEKSTartist here. I make art with words. If you've been following Gary for a while you probably have seen my work. 

I made a piece back in the Daily Grape days using the names of every wine reviewed in the first 25 episodes.

Then VaynerMedia commissioned me to create the piece that hung in one of the conference rooms. The