a dull moment


It doesn't look like much... because it isn't.

Things feel a bit chaotic right now. From endless "breaking" news updates, app notifications, texts, emails, and daily robocalls. This isn't healthy. It isn't sustainable. We thought "What do people really need in a time like this?"

It didn't take long to find out...

Stephen Colbert asked (and 155,000 people seemed to agree) so we answered. Introducing "a dull moment."


It's a remarkably bland rectangle. That's it. Absolutely nothing about it is made to stand out. You'll likely forget you have it hanging on your wall. But if it catches your eye by mistake, you'll remember just how dull it is.  


The color was inspired by Disney's "Go Away Green" It is a gray-green (and kinda bluish) shade, formulated to blend in well among almost anything. The color doesn’t make this print truly invisible, but it does make it really easy to ignore.


This 17" x 22" medium quality photo paper is as dull as the design itself. Not premium, but not cheap either. Hi-gloss? Nope. Too exciting. The dull train stops at a perfectly forgettable semi-gloss.


Is this real? 
Yes, this is 100% real. You will receive an actual print, as described above. 

Customer Reviews

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Marisa Jannaman
Did Not Disappoint

a dull moment was everything I hoped it would be!

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