Ambidextrous Shirt


Sometimes I agonize over design details…

Armed with Adobe Illustrator, I'll meticulously shape and distort anchor points until the image is virtually flawless. And even long after the design is released to the world I find myself eying details that I would change. 

This is NOT one of those times. 

During a phone conversation with my good friend Tom, a seemingly stupid, deceptively simple idea came to light. “What if after all this time and effort creating designs with my right hand, it was really the art I created with my left hand that brought my ultimate fame and fortune”

As a joke, while still on the phone, I took out a notebook wrote the word “ambidextrous” with my left hand, and snapped this picture using my phone:

I moved the image into illustrator, and in minutes had the final printable version (and various mockups) ready to go. I fired off half a dozen emails to people I thought might dig the shirt. Every single person replied that they wanted one. 

My favorite comment about the mockup summarizes the design quite nicely: “It’s so imperfectly perfect. At first I thought it was hideous… but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me and now I have to have it.”

American Apparel Tri-Blend shirt. Screen printed design. Tagless.