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Live Joyfully - One of a Kind - Overprint

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This stacked 3 color letterpress print was the first "one of a kind" print created and it inspired this entire "one of a kind" project.

Every week, a few prints would be set aside and printed with the next design. We found the "stacked" effect almost always created an interesting combination.  

In this case, one of the most popular designs from the past 99 the dancing girl in the "Live Joyfully" piece has been printed directly over top of one of the test sheets from the "Good things" Print. 

If that were not enough, a doubled, flipped print of the original "Hustle" print takes up the back side of the print!

Whichever side you decide to hang is truly one of a kind.

Note- There is a sizable slice down the middle of this print, but the cut is so clean you can't tell it is there if the piece is framed (it lines up perfectly)