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Moon and Back - Oilslick Foil - One of a Kind Letterpress Print

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This letterpress foil, and (for the first time) hand drawn ink was created by illustrating the following quote:

“I love you to the moon and back.”

Instead of the typical TEKSTartist design where every word from the quote working its way into the piece, this design relies on the layout of the text to visually represent the quote. A simple earth outline and moon (created from the text “the moon”) span opposite ends of the 13″ x 20″ graphite infused black paper. These two letterpress foil elements are brought together by the trail of the rocket. Both the rocket and trail are also 100% foil. The words “I love you” are repeatedly written in a calculated orbit that loosely represents the symbol for infinity.

Finally, the stars on each print have been added by hand, by TEKSTartist. This gives a unique look to each piece leaving no two prints looking exactly alike.

This is a "One of a kind" print. It is the only 'Moon and Back' created using the Oilslick Silver Foil as the rocket trail color. It was created by hand over the course of several weeks. We will never reproduce this design in this format. It is hand signed and includes a letterpressed certificate of authenticity.