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Warpaint - Partial Rainbow Foil - One of a Kind Letterpress Print

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This ink and foil letterpress design was created by warping/twisting/distorting the words from the following quote (written by yours truly):

“No great stories
are about things you didn’t do
Go hunt down your battle
It’s out waiting for you.
Life could be easy
should you choose not to try
Because the battles worth fighting for
can easily slip by.
But if you choose to fight
and take on the challenge,
you’ll be shocked,
even changed by what happens.
You may struggle, and falter, tumble, and wear
But the only true failure is to give up in despair.A warrior is inside you
Whether you stay, or go
Your battle is waiting
Which face will you show?
Yes, your battle is waiting
Better be quick
Go find your warpaint
Lay it on thick.”
-Jason Markow

This was the only print created using this foil. It was actually one of the "setup" prints that Tim used to verify that the print plate was in the proper position and was evenly laid out.

It was created by hand over the course of several weeks. We will never reproduce this design in this format. It is hand signed and includes a letterpressed certificate of authenticity.