Subway Love - Max Stossel Collaboration


This design was created in collaboration with Max Stossel. TEKSTartist created this design based off the main characters in the YouTube video Max produced.

Look closely at the body of the Subway car in the background and you can read the complete poem by Max (presented below). 


Every print is hand signed by the artist, produced using archival quality materials, and is packed with care. 


Epson Hot Press Bright White Paper
High Gloss Aluminum Print
Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Subway Love

We stand an army of urban soldiers waiting for the train
Our feet teeter onto the restricted yellow paint
Contorting our bodies into cranes
To look past the backs of human beings
In search of the speeding metal thing

When it reaches the station, we'll step inside
And it will take us to our destination

But we hardly wait with patience
You should the frustration on our faces
How dare it not have arrived at this place yet
We won't sit complacent, we demand cooperation
From the MTA agent with pure depression on her face
Who just so happens to be powerless in his current situation

What we don't see is the tragedy at play
As the love of each of our lives
Is standing just an arms length away
We won't notice today
We see our soulmate as in the way
Of the beam of light we hope will display
Indicating our train is not 6, but 5 seconds away

If we would only turn and face each other
We might catch eyes and to our surprise
The anguish of waiting might subside
We might not be so terrified of being late to work this time
Our jobs that make us sigh and cry
We might stop and re-analyze
We might, I hope, even decide
That we can make better use of our time

We could, enjoy this Mariachi band
Come take my hand and lets pretend
These fluorescents are the moon
And these grimy subway floors are the sand
Let's just dance

Before we stand clear of closing doors
Let's take a sec and break the norm
Let's fall into each others arms
And dance across the whole platform

Let's lose ourselves, as we move ourselves
in tango, salsa, blues
Our shells come off
Reveal two humans soothed
By having stepped into the groove of subway love

So when that train finally does come
We'll get on, my dear, as one
And having so much fucking fun
We won't stop dancing 'til we're done
Until our feet are red as plums
And we've laughed so hard our cheeks are numb
And having felt the energy radiating off of you and me
Our fellow passengers will be ready and psyched
To heartfully join the choreography

The whole train car will bounce with glee
We'll miss our stops physically
But won't miss them, if you know what I mean

And then we'll finally take our seats
In Brighton Beach, Jamaica Queens, The Rockaways
Or wherever the hell we may be
You'll rest your tired little head on me
And our smiles, they'll beam as we look back on how eagerly
We awaited this train to take us away from exactly
Where we were supposed to be. 

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