I've never taken on a project this size before. Possibly the most surprising factor of the entire venture is how many people played significant roles, at critical moments along the way. This page and the text it contains a list of all the people that made this project possible.

Alli- My wife has the patience of a saint. She put up with almost an entire year of late nights from an obsessive, motor mouthed, husband. For the site- she took every photo, wrote nearly every description, and checked every page just before launch. She is my rock, and this project cold not have happened without her. Thank you Alli, for more than I could possibly sum up here.

Jason- Mr. Sadler has had the distinct ability to stay two steps ahead of me this entire project. A 3 (going on 4) year veteran of the "Daily Calendar" business model, he always seemed to have the simplest and most logical solution to every problem. Much of the way the site is designed, functions, and will grow is largely to his credit. Thank you Jason, for blazing the trail.

PJ- The lead developer on this site was nothing short of a miracle worker. There was no time clock. There was no "can't". There was no fix, tweak or change too insignificant. PJ doesn't bullshit. He's honest and has a heart of gold. Thank you PJ, for bringing sketches to life.

Amy- For someone I have never met, Amy had a significant impact on the project. Without batting an eye, before this project was no  more than an idea, Amy sent a truckload of canvases to the studio. (475 canvases to be exact.)  Without her faith in the project and outside the box thinking I would be nowhere. Thank you Amy, for taking a chance.

Duffy and Elizabeth- An old client, turned good friend, Elizabeth and Duffy were the catalyst that reignited my art career after a 10 year absence. Their passion, energy, and attitude is infections, and are truly one of the first to set my art career in motion. Thank you guys, for showing me a career is an artist was possible.

Mouyyad and Laura-  My trusty "IRL" amigos. These two were there when this idea materialized. The intoxicating and infectious energy that is SXSW had me on overdrive and something somewhere caused something to click in my head. These two stepped away from the conference, joined me at a coffee shop, and helped bring the idea to life. Thank you Guys, for helping when this was just an inkling of an idea. 

Jeffery- My photographic wizard. Jeffery just happened to be in the right spot of the universe at the right time. Answering phone calls extremely late on weekdays and weekends expelling how to do little technical things that literally saved me hundreds of hours of time. Thank you Jeffery, for sacrificing your time to help save mine.

Tom- My devil's advocate. He can find any hole in any project, and is wicked smart. Thank you Tom, for keeping me on my toes.

Mark- My biggest critic, turned biggest fan. Mark is responsible for one of the most important elements- the size of the canvases used. He sat me down the day before I placed my canvas order and flipped my project on it's head. Thank you Mark, for making me think big.

Steve- Possibly the most humbling and unexpected portion of this entire project so far was receiving a note from an art teacher in New York. After being introduced to TEKST through his students he led the class in creating TEKSTart of their own. Thank you Steve, for using TEKST as a tool to inspire others. 

I know there are many of you who I have missed, I'll get back to this page... when I am not 15 minutes from launching this thing! 

Thank you all.