Is the entire 2012 calendar available for purchase now?


How much is packing and shipping?

Packing and shipping is essentially "Buy one get one free". This means for every two pieces you purchase, you will only pay to pack and ship one. This is because the boxes used to ship your art is designed to fit up to two pieces. 

If shipping in the US, prices work out just under $30.00 to pack and ship a single piece. And under $15.00 a piece to ship two.

Due to the sheer awesomeness of each piece all shipments are set to "signature required" by default.

When will I receive my piece?

Your piece will be packed with care and shipped via FedEx. All pieces are shipped from California and should reach anywhere in the united states within 5 days from when your piece leaves the studio.

For "completed work" please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to ship. You will receive an email confirmation and FedEx tracking # (If Requested) once your piece ships. In many cases it will be faster.

For "commissioned work" things are a bit different. Please refer to the commissioned work tab in the navigation bar to understand the timeline and process to complete and ship your piece. 

If you need your piece faster please contact me at

When will the video be released for each piece? 

Videos will be released on or before the day the piece is featured on the calendar.

Can I personalize the video for my friend/significant other/company/etc.?

Yes. Each video has a 4 second block of time at the end reserved for Video personalization. Requests must be received at least 30 days before the video will be featured on the calendar. Otherwise the video will be released without it.

What size are the "daily" pieces?

Every single piece on the 2012 calendar are created on a single 12" x 24" x 1.5" gallery quality canvas wrapped around a chinese paulownia wood frame. When commissioning your piece, you may request the orientation of the finished piece.

Can I commission a larger/smaller piece?

Although all pieces on the "Daily Piece" project are fixed in size, TEKST has completed commissioned work as small as 3 inches squared, to as large as 30 foot across. Contact to request a quote on a commissioned piece outside of the calendar. 

Commissioned Work FAQ:

How do I tell TEKST what I want on my custom piece?

All communication for commissioned work will be handled through a web based platform called basecamp. Please see the "Commissioned Work" tab in the navigation bar for more information.

How many words can/should my piece contain?

You can request as many words as you would like to be on the piece. Having said that, anything between 1 sentence and 2 paragraphs seems to be the optimal number. If your design requires, text may be repeated, or left out. When requesting text longer than 1 paragraph, it is best to include a note about which lines are "essential" to the piece.

Is there anything that you will not create commissioned work for?

For the 2012 "Daily Piece Project" TEKST will not create commercial or commissioned work specifically for tobacco, pornography, or religious organizations.

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, and would like to privately commission work contact me at