The Holstee Manifesto

Long Story Short: 

Holstee commissioned a redesign of their infamous “Manifesto” poster. It goes on sale today here. Watch the video here.


Long Story Long:

A while back I was contacted by the good people at Holstee. They reached out to me after they stumbled across this piece that used their iconic manifesto as inspiration.

Dave, my lead contact at Holstee (and the cofounder of the company) left me with virtually no artistic direction. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Do your thing, just make it awesome” Actually, his only requirement was that the piece was my absolute favorite that I had made.... No pressure. 

It took completing 4 entirely different concepts (each time critiquing, thinking, and ultimately realizing I had not captured the essence of the manifesto in its full glory) until I had settled on an image I felt confident would capture all that was the manifesto.

This piece represents fun. It represents rising above what is expected, marching to the beat of your own drum however (and wherever) you would like. It represents the notion that just because things are done a particular way, it doesn't mean it is the right way. The main character is having fun. I chose a swing because you don't swing by accident, you don't swing on a swing unless it is the exact thing you want to be doing. This, to me, is the manifesto. When it comes down to it, the manifesto (to me) is about the journey not the destination. When you swing, there is no destination. You are either swinging, or you stop. The landscape below is there because it can't/shouldn't be forgotten. The things we do make an impact. People who do what they love are an essential component to that landscape below. 

WIth all that said, the piece is now available in a high quality print over at Holstee. Click Here to pick up a print today! 


This piece could not have been completed without the brainpower and effort from the following people:

Everyone at Holstee: Thank you for Commissioning the project.

Dave Nielsen: Thank you for helping me refine the design.

Bushwalla: Thank you for providing your recording studio (and your voice!)