I'm elated to announce that UpperDeck commissioned me to create an officially licensed Spider-Man design as the December release through their gallery.

This design was created by incorporating the origin story from the very first Spider-Man comic into the cityscape. This is without question the single most complicated release we have ever attempted on the 1957 Vandercook Letterpress machine that Tim Butler and I brought nearly every design I've ever released on at Quality Letterpress.

The print is up for pre-sale today and only a limited number of each print will ever be available. Add to that the fact that producing this design took over two weeks to complete on the press and it's safe to say we will NEVER produce another run of this one so if you dig it- scoop one quick!

Purchase this print, or it's special edition foil counterpart by clicking on the image above, or simply by clicking here. I'm grateful to UpperDeck for the opportunity (Especially Samantha for making the entire thing happen!),  Marvel for approving the design, and of course- Tim Butler of Quality Letterpress for being crazy enough to bring it to life.

Note- The image is still in the final stages of production. Please excuse the mockups for now! We will get clean shots of it online ASAP!